SuperHi Music

SuperHi Las Vegas is proud to present:

September 9th 2021





SuperHi is a brand founded by DJ's raised on old school hip hop, disco, house, techno, acid and other funky real musical goodness that will have the most stoic clubheads and newbies on the floor.

Follow us on twitch, twitter and instagram and can catch pop up sets on the strip and downtown las vegas.


Hi! We're  SuperHi founders Vondoom and BFT. We've been DJing together since 2008 as OUR NAME IS LEGION and have promoted over 100 parties and played in venues throughout Los Angeles including Broadway Bar, Avalon, and Bloomfest. 

Relocating our life, records and disco ball to Las Vegas in 2020 as SuperHiDJ's we offer you the musical fruits of years of crate digging, toe tapping and pelvic shaking to curate the perfect vibe for your next function.

If you're over fist bumps and dying for a disco paradise, a 90's Big Beat flashback, or a deep maze of progressive sounds then SuperHiDJ's are here for you. Slide into our email and give us details about your party, club night, business event and we'll provide a custom mini-mix to capture the vibe. 



California native BBY NATE is powerhouse of underground sounds from minimal, lofi and melodic to raw acid and house. From sets on the beach and dunes SUPERhi is proud to bring his sound to the Las Vegas desert. 



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