Undefeated Allen Iverson Gary Land Photo Shirt Size Medium

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Following Allen Iverson’s recent induction into the NBA hall of fame, photographer Gary Land teamed up with UNDEFEATED to release a photo book that chronicles and celebrates Iverson’s career. The photo book is a collection of eight years worth of photographs taken by Land showing Iverson on and off the court. Land also notes that he’s been working on the book since 2002 and has only recently been able to complete it. Coinciding with the release of the photo book, a collection of tees featuring select photo prints have also been made available. The photo book is now available at Iverson Book and the accompanying tees are now available in-store and online at UNDEFEATED.

Size: Medium

Shoulder: 19.5"

Chest: 18" 

Waist: 19.5"

Length: 28"